Law office of Scott A. Schwartz

Scott Schwartz is Stellar!!

Scott held our hands through a long drawn-out process with the insurance company. He kept us in the loop, calmed our fears, guided us in the right direction, and gave us choices to make… until the insurance company finally settled. We highly recommend Scott as your attorney as he goes the extra yard to do his best for his clients. He is excellent!!

– Posted by Billy, a Workers’ Compensation client

A caring and Trustworthy Attorney, Imagine That!

It was a pleasurable experience dealing with Scott. He ensured all details were completed in a timely manner and everything ran smoothly. The experience overall was fantastic!

– Posted by Kristin, a Workers’ Compensation client

Excellent Attorney I’d recommend Anytime

Attorney Schwartz was very easy to work with. I had a very difficult case that took four years to settle. Mr. Schwartz kept me informed of the progress on my case and I was pleased with the settlement.

– Posted by Tommie, a Workers’ Compensation client

Smart, Trustworthy, Caring

I just wanted to say “thank you” to the Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz. Scott, Austin and Irma are very helpful, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Scott is the first person I call for legal advise and I trust him wholeheartedly. I highly recommend Mr. Schwartz for your legal needs. He is SMART, TRUSTWORTHY, HUMBLE and CARING.

– Posted by a Workers’ Compensation client

Eye of the tiger

Thank you Scott for all your hard work!!! Scott is very efficient and fights hard for his clients. I recommend his services to anyone who has a workmans’ comp case.

– Posted by Don L.

Great workers’ comp attorney

Best attorney. Kept me informed from beginning to end. Friendly staff.

– Posted by Juan, a Workers’ Compensation client


I can’t say enough about Scott. He really did a great job representing me. I’d never had to hire my own lawyer before and I have to admit, I was a little nervous about finding a good one. A friend recommended Scott, and I couldn’t have been luckier. First of all, he’s a really good guy. He knows his stuff. He also understood my situation. I also found his staff friendly and knowledgeable. I could get clear answers when I needed them and never felt out of the loop.

If you want someone to fight for what’s right and take the best legal action on your behalf, I recommend calling Scott.

– Posted by Steve, a Workers’ Compensation client

Excellent workers’ compensation attorney

Scott Schwartz is a great attorney. He explained the situations we faced in a clear manner. He took tough action when needed. His knowledge in workers’ compensation law is extremely strong. His staff is friendly and very attentive. He always got back to me via email or by phone in a timely manner. I would recommend Scott to anyone who needs a lawyer to guide him/her through the workers’ compensation maze.

– Posted by Ken, a Workers’ Compensation client


Scott Schwartz provided me with excellent legal counsel and I highly recommend him for his professional and exemplary work.

– Posted by Erlene, a Workers’ Compensation client

Workmans’ comp client

Mr. Schwartz is a very knowledgeable and professional attorney. He office staff is very friendly. He was responsive to my emails and kept me up to date on my case. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a workmans’ comp attorney.

– Posted by a Workers’ Compensation client

Highly recommended

Scott is intelligent, hardworking and aggressive. He very much cares about doing what is right for his client.

– Posted by Randy

Best lawyer!

Scott Schwartz not only is personable, friendly, and reliable, but he is one of the best lawyers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I recommend him to everyone! If you are in search of a lawyer, no need to look further.

– Posted by Sarah, a Workers’ Compensation client

Your best bet!

If you’re into something that you feel is over your head, Scott is the perfect lawyer to guide you through the process. He is always available and knowledgeable. He will deliver the results, a GREAT lawyer.

– Posted by Ernie, a Workers’ Compensation client

Gracias por el buen trabajo…..we say Thank You Mr Scott

I am happy and have relaxation Mr. Scott was my lawyer for me. I live perhaps 2 hours from Mr Scottt but my friend tell me he is good so I take him of lawyer for my case. I speak Spanish and little english my daughter sometimes to help but my friend say this is no problem and it is true the office of Mr Scott to send letters for appointments and news about case in Spanish and this is good for me and true.Thank you Mr. Scott, Irma and the office because it make it easy for me. We call the office of Mr Scott with questions and Irma or Scott tell me what to do and alot of times Mr. Scott already did for us so there is nothing for me to do because Mr Scott already finish but Irma always say to call with questions.Irma was friendly and read letters from insurance and then translate them to to me in Spanish because insurance writes in english.Mr Scott made special deposition close to my home and bring special Spanish translator to prepare and with the questions after we prepare. It was not dificult and I was nervous without good reason because it was good. Then I go to last doctor appointment and we finish case with very good result maybe 9 months later but all the case a little more time. Mr. Scott explain the closing documents to me on the telephone but then visit with special translator to review in Spanish and Mr Scott to answer questions. I was happy to take Mr Scott as my attorney. I think Mr Scott had care and did the very the best for me. Thank you Mr. Scott and Irma and the office!

– Posted by a Workers’ Compensation client

Scott Schwartz, excellent workers’ comp attorney

Scott is the only lawyer I have ever met who truly is concerned about the client. Scott goes above and beyond what he has to do to make sure his client is comfortable and well taken care of medically. I would definitely recommend Scott Schwartz to anyone needing a lawyer.

– Posted by Cathleen, a Workers’ Compensation client

Law Office of Scott Schwartz Put My Life Back in Order

Working at my job everyday, I loved it until certain things started to happen, and I tried to ignore it. After a while, I was uncomfortable, stressed out, and in fear of losing my job. After contacting the law offices of Scott Schwartz, everything changed for the better. I learned a lot about employees’ rights and I tell you, I had no idea. I recommend Mr. Schwartz for anyone who has discomfort in the workplace.

– Posted by Ralph, a Workers’ Compensation client