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Disability Attorney Representing the San Fernando Valley, Lancaster, Palmdale and Santa Clarita Helps Get Benefits For Injured Workers

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The Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz provides representation in the San Fernando Valley, Lancaster, Palmdale and Santa Clarita, to workers injured on the job. Our attorney is sensitive to your needs and strives to meet your goals while providing outstanding legal services. We fight to get awards of permanent and temporary disability benefits when on-the-job accidents happen, for all injuries, whether new or pre-existing. With care and compassion, we help you understand all the aspects of your case.

How do permanent disability benefits differ from temporary disability benefits?

When you are injured because of another person’s negligence and seek compensation, it is important to distinguish between an award of permanent disability and temporary disability. If you are injured and unable to return to work, you may be entitled to temporary disability benefits. Temporary disability benefits compensate you during recovery from your work-related injury, while permanent disability benefits compensate you for injuries that are long-lasting without a medical expectation of reaching full recovery.

How do I return to work after treatment for an on-the-job injury?

After you are hurt on the job and receive the needed medical care, you may be concerned about returning to the workplace and how you will be treated. When you are diagnosed with a temporary and/or permanent disability, and get benefits for those disabilities, the goal is to get you back to work in a way that does not cause further harm. Some of your concerns may be:

  • Will I be harassed upon returning to work?
  • Will there be allegations of workers' compensation fraud?
  • Can my employer terminate me while I am out on disability?
  • What happens if my doctor releases me to light duty?
  • How long is my employer responsible for my medical treatment?
  • My doctor has declared my condition to be permanent and stationary. What does this mean?

The Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz understands the myriad questions you have after you’ve made your claim; during your recovery; and upon return to the workplace, if applicable. We work our hardest to help you feel confident at every stage of your workers’ compensation case. We answer your questions about how to handle harassment when you go back to work, allegations of fraud, questions about termination while you are in recovery, the length of time your employer will cover your medical treatment expenses and questions surrounding the doctor’s diagnosis.

A common question during the medical diagnosis phase of a workers’ compensation case is whether the injury already existed or if the on-the-job accident caused the harm. A pre-existing condition is one you had prior to the accident. If an on-the-job accident aggravates that injury, you may still be entitled to workers’ compensation.

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The Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz represents injured workers in the San Fernando Valley, Lancaster, Palmdale and Santa Clarita. With an assertive approach to representation, we work towards a resolution of your case that is fair and equitable. Office hours include both weekday and weekend hours for your convenience. We can be reached at 818.350.2658 or online.