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Workers’ Compensation Attorney Assists You After an On-the-Job Injury in the San Fernando Valley, Lancaster, Palmdale and Santa Clarita

Lawyer helps after you’ve been hurt at work

The Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz proudly offers services to injured workers in the San Fernando Valley and the surrounding areas of Lancaster, Palmdale and Santa Clarita. We provide assistance to people who have been hurt on the job. We have the experience, knowledge and skills needed to get you a satisfactory award or settlement. We file your claim and argue for the benefits you need for your specific injury. Our clients are individuals, not companies, so we always put the person first.

Providing workers’ comp assistance after an on-the-job injury

On-the-job accidents can happen in a variety of ways and can cause many different types of injuries. We focus on accidents that happen while you are at work, and we are experienced in the legal and medical aspects of workers’ comp cases. Let us handle your workers’ compensation claim. We are well versed in the filing requirements and deadlines imposed on you. We are experienced in filling out the required forms and filing the petition. When you are hurt, it is important to report the injury to a qualified medical professional right away. We have vast experience with finding a physician for your particular needs.

What to do after you are hurt

If you have been hurt while on the job, don’t try to figure out your options alone. The Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz knows how to get the process started and fight for your rights in accordance with the complex maze of workers' compensation law. After an accident, it is important to take the right steps that include:

  • Reporting the injury to your employer. Your employer should provide you with a physician to see, and you should get the Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz involved immediately.
  • Reporting an injury to the doctor. When you seek benefits through workers’ compensation, it is necessary to report your injuries to a medical care professional, to preserve your claim. You must report your injury as soon as possible after it happens. We know how to report your injuries and recognize the importance of seeking proper medical treatment.
  • Doctors and medical treatment. The type of doctor and medical treatment you get may depend on the type of injuries you have suffered. Trust in our experience and reputation in workers’ compensation to guide you through this process and direct you to the type of doctor qualified to treat the type of injury you have suffered. We help you get the treatment needed for your injuries.
  • Notice, filing requirements and deadlines. When you suffer a workplace injury, the law requires you to file your claim by a certain date. If you miss the deadline, you also miss out on your chance to receive compensation for your injury and be made whole. We seek compensation that fully reimburses you for your injuries, including temporary and permanent disability benefits.

Schedule an appointment with a capable workers’ compensation attorney today

When you are injured at work, the Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz is equipped to guide you through the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim and seeing the case through to resolution. We seek to make you whole by getting you appropriate permanent benefits and/or temporary benefits, according to your specific set of facts. Contact us through our website or call us at 818.350.2658 for an appointment during the week or on the weekend.