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The legal team at the Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz provides effective legal representation to people who suffer from on-the-job accidents and personal injuries. We give you a team with experience, skills and knowledge. We strive to obtain a full and fair financial recovery when you are hurt on the job, and we assist you with getting proper medical treatment. The Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz argues for benefits for the injuries you sustain at work.

What benefits fit my condition and injuries?

Often employers or insurance companies fight against benefits in a workers’ compensation case, claiming the injuries were not the result of an on-the-job accident. Claims that your injury already existed must be thoroughly reviewed and analyzed by a competent workers’ compensation attorney. Even injuries that pre-existed your on-the-job accident are compensable in workers’ compensation court. A pre-existing injury may be aggravated or made worse when you are hurt at work. We help you seek the medical treatment you need for the full extent of your injuries, and disability benefits to compensate you for the workdays you miss because of your injury. Topics that often arise when getting treatment for an on-the-job injury are:

  • Dealing with insurance companies
  • What the adjuster might not tell you
  • Your doctor vs. the insurance company doctor
  • Reporting an injury to the doctor

The Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz has experience in handling these and many other issues that arise in a workers’ compensation case. We have experience dealing with the insurance companies, and we assure you we represent the worker, not the insurance company. You are our top priority, so we listen to you and do not let an adjuster influence our strategy. We know how to report an injury to the doctor and we understand the relationship between the insurance company and the doctor. We also know how different the diagnosis can be between your doctor and the doctor for the insurance company. We are skilled in navigating these waters, and we take on these tasks so you can focus on healing. It is important to obtain a skillful workers’ compensation attorney to negotiate for an impartial independent physician who is not deferential toward insurance companies.

Where do I go from here?

If you are concerned that your injury may be considered pre-existing, let us help. The determination as to the type of injury and when it occurred is a complex one. A skilled physician can examine your injuries and make a determination as to the cause. Your focus is on recovery so you can get back to work. Let us handle the legal nuances and complexities for you. We enjoy an excellent reputation among other workers’ compensation attorneys, and you can feel confident your case is being handled with know-how.

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Our skilled staff is ready to take your call and schedule your free initial consultation. The Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz represents injured workers in the San Fernando Valley, Lancaster, Palmdale, Santa Clarita,as well as central counties, such as Ventura County, Kern County, San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara County. Our office is open Monday through Friday and also by appointment on weekends. Contact us by telephone at 818.350.2658 or visit our website.