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Whether your work-related injury is the result of improperly maintained walkways, a fall from a high place, faulty equipment or the result of another workplace condition, you are entitled to file for workers’ compensation benefits. We help file your claim and make sure you are treated fairly by your employer during the process, and that the insurance company acts reasonably. We have extensive experience in making claims for injured workers and getting them appropriate benefits.

What different types of benefits are available when making a workers’ compensation claim?

On-the-job injuries do happen, and when they do, it is important, when filing for workers’ compensation benefits, to undersatnd the different types of claims. Benefits are available for both permanent and temporary disabilities. Your case is important, and a big part of your case is knowing the right benefits to seek. The Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz knows the difference and helps you understand which benefits fit your needs. Workplace injuries may be compensable through an award of permanent disability, medical care benefits, or temporary disability benefits until you are ready to return to work. To obtain these benefits, you must follow the requirements to properly file a claim. Proper filing of a claim includes making sure the claim is not time barred by the statute of limitations and filling out the court’s required forms in their entirety and accurately. We can help.

Identifying the benefits you need

There are several kinds of work-related injuries. Bending and stooping can cause injury to your lower back, while sitting and typing for long periods of time can damage your hands and cause carpal tunnel syndrome. You may have gotten burned from an explosion or suffered broken bones from an accident while driving for your job. You may be the victim of an improperly maintained common area, or a piece of faulty equipment. Or you may have a spouse who died from injuries sustained on the job. Whatever the cause, we make sure the benefits you seek fit your situation. In a death claim, catastrophic injury claim or when multiple parties are at fault, workers’ compensation claims may include the following benefits and nuances:

  • Widow’s benefits. If your spouse suffers an on-the-job injury that results in death, you may be entitled to receive certain benefits as the person's widow or widower. Minor children and “good faith household members” may also be entitled to certain benefits.
  • Lifetime benefits. An award of lifetime benefits includes compensation for care necessary over the course of your life, when the care is related to a permanent injury you suffered on the job.
  • Subrogation claims. When the insurance carrier recognizes a party other than your employer as sharing the responsibility for the injury, the carrier will recover what it paid from the other party, through a process known as subrogation. The Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz has handled multiple claims that involved subrogation, including instances where a personal injury claim and a premises liability claim wer brought simultaneously. Mr. Schwartz works to allocate the species of benefits to which you are entitled to make sure you realize a maximum recovery and benefits.

What if my benefits expire or are limited?

When you receive benefits in a workers’ compensation case, you want to make sure the benefits last long enough to get you back on your feet. We advocate for the right amount of benefits, for the right amount of time. Your injuries can take the form of a permanent and lasting injury, one that is temporary, or both. You may have injuries that require long-term medical care or rehabilitative therapy. The Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz fights to get you the proper amount of benefits for the type of injury you have suffered. Whatever your circumstances, we provide personal attention to your case and fight for the best possible result to compensate you for your injuries.

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