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Lawyer helps get compensation for workers when equipment fails

With the ability and desire to help people in the San Fernando Valley and the surrounding areas of Lancaster, Palmdale and Santa Clarita, the Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz provides legal services to workers injured on the job. We are sympathetic to your case and have the experience required to get you a settlement that meets your needs. We offer workers’ compensation legal services and are strong advocates for your rights.

What you need when equipment is faulty at the workplace

On-the-job injuries often occur when the equipment used for the job is not properly maintained or fails because of a manufacturing defect. When heavy equipment fails to perform, the injuries can be severe. Faulty equipment causes crushed bones and internal injuries. When you are the victim of improperly maintained equipment, you can seek medical treatment and financial compensation by pursuing a workers’ compensation case. The legal team at the Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz knows what you need to do when you are hurt by faulty equipment.

Common issues that arise when equipment fails

When equipment fails at work, several issues arise. Was the equipment maintained properly? Did the manufacturer make a mistake when the machine was made? Were proper safety protocols in place for use of the equipment? If one of these circumstances exists, your employer may not be wholly responsible. The manufacturer or another third party may be charged with some portion of the liability. If a third party is partially responsible for the injury, you may still be entitled to receive workers’ compensation payouts, separate and apart from your rights against the manufacturer of the faulty equipment. Some of the issues that arise when equipment fails and more than one party is held responsible are:

  • Partial salary replacement. If you are hurt by faulty equipment at work, you want to consider whether you are entitled to partial replacement of your salary. We review your case and the facts, and we help you understand your rights regarding your salary.
  • Medical expenses. An injury from faulty equipment can cause serious injuries. The medical expenses associated with treatment for serious injuries can be high. Regardless of the amount of medical expenses incurred, we fight for reimbursement from the party responsible for the equipment failure. Our team knows how to seek compensation on your behalf for those expenses.
  • Third parties that share responsibility. When machinery fails, sometimes another person or entity, other than your employer, is responsible for the failure. If your employer maintained the equipment as recommended, but the equipment still failed and caused an injury, the manufacturer may be liable for the defect. It is critical for the injured worker to figure out who is responsible for the machine and for its failure to perform as designed. The Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz knows how to analyze your case to help make this determination.

A workers’ compensation attorney with experience and know-how helps you understand what to do when faulty equipment causes your on-the-job injury. We look at your unique situation and help you understand all the issues. We help you when a third party should share in the responsibility for your injuries, and we seek fair compensation for you.

What type of benefit and compensation am I entitled to receive?

In most workers’ compensation cases, questions regarding benefits and compensation are the most important for injured workers. You may want to know if the compensation can be limited, and the impact of the injury on your future earning potential. Our staff is well versed in the type, duration and availability of compensation and benefits you are entitled to receive. We assist you with the challenge of disputing a doctor’s recommendation, or doctor's failure to fully evaluate your injuries, so you get the full and fair benefits to which you are entitled..

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